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Farmsafe Queensland Training

Farmsafe Queensland’s Training services are designed to meet your needs. This means that you have access to:

  • Flexible training that can meet the needs of a sole-trader, company or industry/commodity group or enterprise
  • A range of stand alone resources and resource packs that can be combined with an implementation program by Farmsafe Queensland staff at your workplace.
  • Resource kits that contain all the necessary documentation for an employer to engage an employee and provide initial safety induction training
  • Induction kits that can be integrated with existing workplace policies, procedures and industry quality assurance programs
  • We specialize in Work Health and Safety and Hazardous Substance Management to Level V

AgVet Chemical Training in Queensland

Farmsafe Queensland Training (a division of AuSafety Systems Pty Ltd) provides AgVet chemical users with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Apply agricultural chemicals safely, with minimal risks to themselves, the community, or consumers of agricultural products;
  • Achieve established national competencies for the safe use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals and medicines.
  • Allay community concerns regarding the personal and environmental safety aspects of the use of agricultural and veterinary chemicals.
  • Demonstrate to the community and consumers of agricultural products that Australian primary producers are responsible users of agricultural and veterinary chemicals and medicines and that agricultural produce meets international standards for residue levels.
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