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Company Profile

The Cupples Family Trust was incorporated in 2014 and trades as AuSafety Systems Pty Ltd and owns the registered business names of Farmsafe Queensland and Farmsafe Queensland Training. We provide extension of work health and safety concepts, training and solutions including the development of Work Health and Safety Management Systems (WHSMS), to rural clients throughout Queensland and Australia.

Staff and Consultants

AuSafety Systems has a range of permanent staff and contractor consultants; including WHS consultants, engineers, ergonomists, hygienists, agriculturists, horticulturists, environmentalists, and specialist trainers available for specific tasks in a wide variety of agricultural industries.

Work Scope:

AuSafety Systems provides commercial Work Health and Safety (WHS) services to businesses and undertakings operating in rural and regional Australia. We have developed systems and/or provided audit services for over 350 separate rural business entities covering over 2200 individual properties involved in the extensive and intensive livestock, agricultural and horticultural industries.

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